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Aug 2021

Re- Foods is a food and beverage startup in Singapore aimed at reaching conscious consumers who want to fuel their bodies with food that is good for them and good for the world around us. The company is backed by Olam, one of the largest names in sustainable agriculture.

The project began with a deep dive of the soon-to-be products, ingredients, company values, and target audiences. What came from that work was a shared understanding of the brand’s purpose: Re- exists to bring sustainable, healthy food direct to consumers.

We were tasked to shape Re-'s brand identity from the ground up. The engagement included everything from brand positioning to visual identity design, packaging design, and assets for launch.

Early explorations of the packaging:

In everything we do, we aim to bring attribution through focus and clarity. The iconic tongue logo provides a versatile container device for clarity and prominence; and it can work in areas that have either clear surroundings or need it to overlay rich imagery. 

We worked from the ground up to develop a brand book for Re-, everything from their brand positioning, voice, logo, and visual identity.

We also had the opportunity to work on their website homepage - we identified several UX issues and pain points, and gave it a facelift with a refreshed look that is aligned with the rest of the brand to strengthen its brand identity.

See the campaign launch videos that we did for Re-.