Re-foods Launch Films

Launch Campaign – Art Direction




Art Direction




March 2022

100% natural startup snack brand Re-Foods approached us to launch a series of brand films to showcase their mission of "eating good and doing good" in a way that would resonate with Singaporean consumers. We delved deep into the brand's core values (healthy ingredients, ethical farming, and sustainable farming) and understanding what made them stand out in a crowded market.

We developed a campaign strategy that emphasized the natural and ethical aspects of Re-Foods' products, positioning them as a healthy and responsible choice for consumers who cared about the planet and supporting local farmers.

Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with Re-Foods to ensure that their vision was fully realized in each brand film. We crafted the script, storyboards, and did consumer A/B testing to ensure that each film conveyed the message in a clear and impactful way. By the end of the project, we had delivered a series of brand films that not only captured the essence of Re-Foods' mission but also succeeded in engaging and inspiring their target audience.

We also launched a series of 6 seconds product films for YouTube.