Safer with Google

Safety Campaign – Art Direction – Illustration



Project Scope


Art Direction

Motion Graphics

Art Director

Farhan Haniff

Motion Graphics/Illustrator

Cho Zan Aung


January 2023

Safer Internet Day is Google's first marketing moment of the year to set the tone for their safety narrative. 2022 has seen an increase in cyber attacks against public utilities, private sector companies, governments, schools, and individuals worldwide. Most cyber attacks occur due to human error, such as opening an email, clicking a link or using a weak password. The onus is on companies like Google must prioritize security as the default and help users do the right thing.

The campaign aims to highlight how millions of users are already staying safe online by using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. This is achieved by educating users through animated stories that demonstrate the importance of these security measures, and promoting Google's security tools.

As part of the campaign, we also created shorter animated GIF assets for social media posts and paid media placements.