Art Direction



Bard Events Playbook

Creating playbook document that aimed to be a helpful resource


We were asked to create document that aimed to be a helpful creative resource — and to be used by Google local teams as a resource when they were planning events or producing a demo of Bard.


We created an extensive playbook that contained everything that was needed by the local Google teams for the purpose. The document included guidelines about: the product and brand, use cases, demos, on-ground activations, posters, comms.

Included in the Playbook - we designed booths that mirror the environments typical Bard users inhabit. Through this immersive setup, visitors could explore Bard's versatility across different settings, from classrooms and office spaces to creative studios. This allowed them to fully grasp Bard's potential as a valuable collaborator in diverse contexts.


Office Space

Creative Studio Space

Bard City